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Meet our Governors


Mr Reg Gilbert


As part of my role, I sit on the Local governing body. The Local Governing Bodies in our schools play a vital role and offer both support challenge to the school. They are part of our Trust Governance Structure and offer the local voice to the Board of Directors.

Mrs Heather Connor

Community, Admissions & Safeguarding

My name is Heather Connor and I am a mum to three boys, two of whom attend, and are thriving, at Wilcombe. I wanted to be a Governor so I can be involved and included in the decisions that will affect the future of their school. I also have 20 years teaching experience in primary schools and hope this will put me in a good position to help to make a positive impact at Wilcombe.


Nikki Sampson

Staff Governor


Ros Sagar

Community Governor 

As a mum, grandma and living in the area I want to contribute to the local community. I’m a retired teacher and spent many years teaching in primary schools. My roles have included ‘Special Needs’, Teaching English as a second language, and Literacy, particularly reading.

As a community governor I try to be ‘hands on’, and I want to support the school to achieve all that it can. I’m in school on a regular basis and have got to know the staff and to work with some of the children. I am very impressed with the care, commitment and welcome of the staff and friendliness of the children.


Important information

Agenda 1/10/18

LGB Minutes 01/10/18