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What is Nursery Plus?

Nursery Plus is a Devon educational outreach service which supports early years settings to meet the needs of children identified with additional or Special Educational Needs. Nursery Plus is part of the continuum of SEND provision in Devon and promotes the inclusion of all children and the expectation that all children will achieve their potential. There are 12 Nursery Plus teams across Devon with each team attached to a base primary school. The Nursery Plus team at Wilcombe Primary School works within our own Foundation Unit but also outreach, covering the areas of Tiverton, Crediton, part Culm Valley and part Chumleigh.


 Mrs Corinna Travers – Nursery Plus Teacher and Team Lead

I started at Wilcombe as an Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher in October 2008 before taking on the role of Nursery Plus teacher 18 months later where I now lead a team of three lovely and dedicated staff. My main focus is on special educational or additional needs and offering support to settings and children to help them thrive, access education and to make good progress. Every day is different as I see a variety of children with a variety of needs in a variety of settings. I love this. Some of the children I meet have transient needs while others may have ongoing disorders. I feel privileged to be part of each child’s very individual journey. I have had extensive additional (and ever ongoing) training beyond my initial teacher training; this includes a.o. training on Foetal Alcohols Spectrum Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Speech and Language Difficulties and Social Emotional Mental Health Needs. I have been a licensed Thrive Practitioner since 2013. I am lucky to be part of both – the fabulous Wilcombe family and the Nursery Plus team.


Mrs Tara Winterborne – Nursery Plus Senior Practitioner 

I joined the Wilcombe team almost 3 years ago. Our Nursery Plus office is based here and we give support to children within our Foundation Unit. Most of our work is outreach however, where we support other pre-schools and setting across the Mid-Devon area. I have supported children with additional needs and have been SENDCo trained for over 7 years. I have specialist training in THRIVE, ASD, Communication and Language and Sensory Development. Although I am always in and out of school, I love being here and the staff and children are all amazing!


Mrs Rebecca Main – Nursery Plus Senior Practitioner

I have been at Wilcombe now for almost four years and am part of the Mid Devon Nursery Plus team that is based here in the school. As part of the team, I work in pre-school settings across Mid Devon – this includes the Foundation Unit at Wilcombe too. I first began working in Early Years almost 10 years ago, starting in nursery and preschool settings. I have experience of the SENDCo role and specialist training within Communication and Language, Sensory Development and ASD. I am also a licensed Thrive Practitioner and this a fundamental part of my job role. I will often be seen coming in and out of the school throughout the day as I visit children in different settings; however, I still very much feel part of the Wilcombe Family and I truly love being here.


Mrs Sarah Dennis – Nursery Plus Senior Practitioner

I joined Wilcombe just over a year and a half ago. I currently have two jobs working within early years. For two days a week, I am part of the Nursery Plus team based at Wilcombe. I have had the pleasure of working and supporting a child within the Foundation Unit, getting to know some of the children and the lovely team who work so hard to support all the children there. However, Nursery Plus mostly does outreach work and I support preschools and settings across the Mid Devon area. The other three days a week I am based in the Foundation Unit of North Tawton Primary School where I am the Nursery SENDCo and Playleader. I have recently become a licensed Thrive Practitioner, and I have had specialist training in ASD, Speech, Language and Communication.


654 Mr Graham Cossey

I have worked at Wilcombe for over 7 years.  My role in school is Caretaker.  However, Wilcombe is a team and we all get stuck in when the occasion calls! I now cut the grass, regularly participate in residential trips for schools across the Primary Academies Trust, carry out bicycle safety training, transport children in the minibus, run football club and also help out with set construction, sound and lighting at the Summer Production.  My job is so much more than just caretaking,  this is what makes it so enjoyable.


647 Mrs Samantha Cossey
I have worked at Wilcombe for 6 years.  I also help out at school events such as the Summer Fete and Wilcombe Wobbler.  I went to Wilcombe myself and so did all our three boys.  I like working here because you are part of a great team, the kids and staff are brilliant.
065  Mrs Hayley Eccles
I have been a cleaner at Wilcombe for a number of years and enjoy being part of the team. I am a keen potter and sometimes have come into school to do clay work with the children.
I am the newest member of the cleaning staff and started in September 2018. My granddaughters attended the school and I know how hard the staff work so as well as my cleaning I have been up to help with gardening and ground maintenance.