Here at Wilcombe we offer a range of different sports/activities within the PE curriculum. We teach the children an indoor and an outdoor based activity each half term. This can vary from athletics to ball games. It is done in a way that gives the children the best chance to gain all the PE skills they need before they leave for High School.  In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we also follow the  FUN FIT programme which is aimed at building up fundamental skills.

We currently are fortunate along with the other schools in the Primary Academies Trust to have the support of Arsenal Soccer School who teach PE and sport on a weekly basis to children in years 4 to 6. They also run a gifted and talented football club after school and organise intra-school and inter-school competitive tournaments.

Children in reception to year 3 receive sports coaching from Premier Sports once a week to develop their individual and team sporting skills. The premier Sports coaches also offer a before and after school club as well as developing their fitness through the lunch time ‘golden mile’ club. You can see more of what Premier Sport have to offer by clicking the following link:

In addition to the above curriculum offer, we also take part in community sporting events run by Tiverton High School, other Primary Academies Trust schools and other organisations such as the Exmoor Challenge.

In terms of after school clubs, we offer at least 1 sport based activity per term.  These have included football, tag rugby, rounders, running, gymnastics, fencing and athletics.


Comments from our children:

Arsenal Soccer School

“We’ve been able to take part in exciting, new activities which have been really fun” Tristan

“I LOVE IT! Our lessons are always really interesting” Nathan

“The PE lessons are always a good experience and I’m thankful that we have had the chance to work with Arsenal Soccer Schools” Taylor S

“We are very lucky to have Arsenal Soccer Schools teaching us, we have had a really exciting mix of PE lessons. It has changed a lot of children’s opinions of PE” Charlie

“We have learnt so many skills which we can us in all different sports” Harvey

“I love doing PE with Mr N, he makes sure we have varied experiences and I never get bored” Emerald

“We’ve had so many chances to practice our skills in lots of different activities” Owen

“I have become much more skillful and learnt team tactics such as ‘recycling’ which has moved us forward as a team” Connor A

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt from PE this year is how to have a positive attitude” Angelica

“My coordination has improved so much this year which has really helped me” Emerald

“I’ve learnt new skills and techniques every single lesson” Ethan

“Mr N treats us all respectfully and likes talking to all of us” Connor P

“We’ve learnt so much about formation this year, we have compared it to being on a ship to help us think about space an balance” Taylor S

“We have learnt unique sayings to help us such as the four S’s: ‘shut down, slow down, slide on and support'” Charlie

“I like that we always get noticed when we do something well and apply our new skills” Charlotte


Premier Sport

‘I’ve got better at balancing, because when you balance you have to use your muscles for control.’ – Blake

‘If she wiggles too much, it makes both of us go off-balance.’ – Niamh

‘We tried our hardest to stay still, so that we could balance for 10 seconds.’ – Charlie

‘It was hard to get into that balance because you have to lean on everyone else.’ – Riley

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sport 2 sport 3