Calling all parents…

We are currently looking for parent Govenors.

We are looking for a parent who can….

Communicate the parents’ viewpoint – Although you’re not there to speak on behalf of parents, you can use your status as a parent to help the board understand parents’ views and remind everyone to factor the parent community into discussions. Understanding parents’ opinion helps the board to make good decisions and helps guarantee that there is a link between governance and the parent community.

Set expectations with other parents – You need to help other parents understand that you’re not there to speak on their behalf, bring up their individual issues in meetings or solve problems for them. Be polite but firm, and tell them to stick to the official channels.

Separate your role as a governor from your role as a parent – Think about all pupils, not just your child . As a governor, you’re responsible for the progress and well being of all of the pupils at the school, so keep this at the forefront of your mind in meetings. It may feel helpful to view issues through the lens of your own child, but as a governor, you must rely on a wide range of sources to make decisions and hold the headteacher to account. These include high-quality, objective data and the views of many stakeholders including pupils, staff, parents and the community

Please contact the school for more info.