Lowman (Reception) 2021/2022

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An introductory video to the Foundation Stage Unit lead by Emily Way

Lowman Class Teachers

Our Reception class is taught by Rebecca Gibson and Laura McGowan. This is the first year of primary school where children are able to learn and play in a lovely indoor and outdoor setting, exploring, investigating, and making links in a motivating and flexible environment, where teachers and support staff assess through ongoing observations throughout the year.



Learning in Lowman Class

Welcome to Reception!

At Wilcombe Primary School we believe that our reception children should experience a balanced combination of self-initiated, open-ended play and direct teaching in adult-led activities. We are flexible practitioners, who follow children’s interests, respond to their ideas for developing play activities, and provide structured activities (which can also be playful) to teach specific knowledge and skills.

In September we welcomed some new faces and their families to our school community. Over the course of the Autumn term we enjoyed getting to know all of you as we began our learning journey together. Here are a few photos of some of the fun things we have enjoyed doing together so far.

Take a look!


If you have not had the chance to share any of your home learning experiences with us yet, remember you can upload photos and messages via our Tapestry tool and the children are invited to share these with us in their own words during our ‘Tapestry Tuesday’ sessions. Please upload as much as you can, we love seeing what you have been up to and it will help us to keep your learning journey up to date with all of your adventures.

If you are having trouble accessing Tapestry please email wilcombe@ventrus.org.uk.  The admin team will forward your email to one of the EYFS team who will be able to help.


Home Learning

Below are some documents and videos to help to further support your children’s learning. The children have been making excellent progress with their reading and will benefit from your continued support at home. We recommend ten minutes of shared reading a day to ensure their continued progress.

Parent RWI PowerPoint

RWI Parent support materials


Autumn Term

During the Autumn term we have been focusing on settling in, allowing the children to explore the environment and create friendships.  Using the book ‘Fill a Bucket’ we have shared ideas on how to be a bucket filling class. This means trying our hardest everyday to do something that makes another person in our class feel happy and special.


During Read, Write, Inc we have been learning a new sound daily and we are now starting to help Fred Frog to blend sounds to read and write words.


Maths is always a great opportunity to use our problem-solving skills. It is important to us that the children have a deep understanding of number and concepts that they are using in maths. Therefore, we ask the children to help us solve daily maths problems involving real scenarios involving attendance, school dinners and packed lunches.


Christmas is a busy but exciting time in Reception. The children have been learning the Christian Christmas story and performed ‘The Nativity’ to their family and friends.

Spring Term

It has been an exciting start to this term and we have been enjoying many texts linked to our Topic ‘Kings and Queens’. The children have enjoyed several stories such as ‘ The Queens Hat’, ‘The Queens Handbag’ and ‘The Queens Knickers’. We have also been finding out more about ‘people who help us’ and different occupations. The children enjoyed a visit from a local police officer and have been thinking about what they’d like to be when they grow up!