Lowman (Reception)

Welcome to Reception! 
At Wilcombe we believe that our reception children should experience a balanced combination of self-initiated, open-ended play and direct teaching in adult-led activities. We are flexible practitioners, who follow children’s interests, respond to their ideas for developing play activities, and provide structured activities (which can also be playful) to teach specific knowledge and skills.
This term we have been focusing on settling in, allowing the children to explore the environment and create friendships.
After finding a mystery tool box we introduced the children to their first Talk4Writing story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have had lots of fun retelling the story, building houses and getting creative, painting character pictures and making masks. During Read, Write, Inc we have been learning a new sound daily and we are now starting to help Fred Frog to blend sounds to read words.

Spring Term

This term we have become explorers. Our role as an explorer first involved us exploring the weather and changes that were occurring as we moved from winter to spring. The children really enjoyed filming weather forecasts, checking rain fall measurements and noticing changes within the environment. We have also been fortunate enough to have chicken eggs in an incubator in the classroom. The children have been excitedly observing the chicken eggs daily, to look for signs of the chicks hatching. On Thursday 28th March, the children were delighted to see that the chicks were finally pipping and by Friday morning we had two fluffy, yellow chicks.

These activities and events have linked nicely to our Talk4Writing story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. The children have enjoyed learning this story and have valued the important message, that everyone is special in different ways, and that it is ok to be or look different. The children are currently adapting the story to make up and write their own versions of the story which have included bees, crocodiles and penguins.

Maths is always a great opportunity to use our problem-solving skills. It is important to us that the children have a deep understanding of number and concepts that they are using in maths. Therefore, we ask the children to help us solve daily maths problems involving real scenarios involving attendance, school dinners and packed lunches. This term we have introduced the children to money, capacity, doubling and halving but also spent time recapping shape and number.

Pond Dipping

Nursery and Reception enjoyed a local trip along the canal, learning more about pond life. The children had the opportunity to take part in pond dipping activities and were delighted to find tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, a newt and many more creatures.