Thames (Year 5)

What a busy Spring term we’ve all had! The children have done some really exciting things, including our residential in London, lots of sporting activities and began our new topic – Infinity and Beyond!

The children will be practising their spellings this week. These are as follows:


For Maths, it would be really positive to see children measuring different objects around the house, converting them between metres, centimetres and millimetres.

Our New Topic!

We have started our new topic recently and are all really enjoying it! So far, we have learned about the solar system, the planets, day and night and Neil Armstrong (ask us, we’ll tell you!). The children have enjoyed creating their fact files on their chosen planet, keen to create a museum-esque display, similar to the one that we saw in London! Our next steps are to think more about the ethics of going into Space… thinking about how Neil Armstrong would have felt going to space, and whether or not it is ethically feasible to send animals to space.

Summer Term!

As we are (finally!) approaching warmer weather, please ensure that children come to school with a water bottle, a hat and some sun cream on.

PE will be on Monday and Thursday each week, so please ensure that children have their kit with them on these days!