Family Support

Please use this part of the website to find out more information if your financial situation has changed during the CV or if you consider yourself to be extremely vulnerable.

For instruction on how to use FSM Vouchers please click here.

Check what benefits you can get if you are affected by coronavirus, Children qualify for free school meals – and accordingly pupil premium – if you receive any of the following benefits: Universal credit (provided you have a net income of £7400 or less) Child Tax Credit, provided that you are not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of £16,190 or less. Apply here for FSMs.  You will need your email address and your password (the same one that you used when you applied for a school place for your child).  You will also need to know your National Insurance Number.  Please note that if you have applied for Universal Credit very recently, the system takes a while to catch up – try applying for FSM a week later…

To apply for Free School Meals please click here

To Register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.  If you’re not sure whether your medical condition makes you extremely vulnerable, register anyway. 

You can register yourself, or for someone else to get Coronavirus Support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person. Please click here

For help from Citizens advice, please click here 

Below are some free resources to help….

Kooth- Support for 11-17 year old’s especially useful for the Year 6 – Year 7 transition

Kooth- Follow up page

Click here for the link to the ‘Bounce’ Page for help with Child Mental Health Resources

Children & Family Health – a useful link here 🙂