Teaching Staff

Our Senior Leadership Team…

Mr Reg Gilbert – Headteacher and Lead Safeguarding Officer.

I have been the Headteacher at Wilcombe since September 2017. Prior to coming here, I have been working within the trust teaching at The Duchy School in Bradninch. I have worked hard to create a productive partnership with our parents to ensure the children here at Wilcombe can achieve their highest potential. A strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share that responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.

Mrs Emily Way – Senior Leadership Team.

I have been teaching here at Wilcombe since 2008 and I have spent much of this time teaching in and leading the Foundation Stage Unit. I am extremely passionate about the Early Years and after achieving my 1st class degree in Early Childhood studies I completed a PGCE specialising in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. I am very proud of the strong play-based philosophy we have created and maintained over the years.  I feel very lucky and privileged to work in such a fantastically inclusive and welcoming school where the children always come first.

Mrs Mandy Endicott – Nurture Practitioner, Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Safeguarding Deputy Lead

I have been working at Wilcombe since 2016 as Nurture Lead as well as being a safeguarding officer within the safeguarding team and a licenced Thrive practitioner. My role is to deliver interventions for children that may experience social, emotional and developmental needs to build resilience and prepare children to be equipped and able to learn in the classroom. My door is open for children to access a safe space during break and lunch and I feel privileged that the children feel able to come and talk to me regarding any problems they may be having and hopefully together we are able to work out a solution. I am glad to be part of a very warm and hardworking team.

Our Teachers…

Mrs Kelly Triggs – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I volunteered in the Foundation Unit before getting a job at Wilcombe in 2011. During this time, I have had various job roles including mealtime assistant, learning support assistant in Foundation Unit and across KS1, working one to one with pupils and supporting in nurture. I have been Leading Nursery as an HLTA since 2015. During my time at Wilcombe, I have had many opportunities to develop professionally. I gained my NVQ level 3 diploma in early years and have been involved in many training sessions including speech and Language, Fun Fit, Real PE and RWI. My passion lies in Early Years as it is so rewarding watching the children flourish and become confident independent learners. This isn’t just a job for me it is an opportunity to make a real difference to a child’s life. I Love being part of the Wilcombe family as everyone is so supportive and dedicated. 

Rebecca Gibson


Mrs Emily Way

I have been teaching here at Wilcombe since 2008 and I have spent much of this time teaching in and leading the Foundation Stage Unit. I am extremely passionate about the Early Years and after achieving my 1st class degree in Early Childhood studies I completed a PGCE specialising in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. I am very proud of the strong play-based philosophy we have created and maintained over the years.  I feel very lucky and privileged to work in such a fantastically inclusive and welcoming school where the children always come first.

Debs Miller

I began my teaching career in 2014 at Wilcombe Primary School. Prior to this I had worked as an LSA in the school Foundation Unit. I currently work in Year 1 alongside of Mrs Rachael Bennett and Mrs Katie Quick. I support the whole Key Stage 1 unit working closely with our Year 2 team. I am not only passionate about education but also ensuring that every child has their own unique needs met to the best of my ability. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far at Wilcombe and look forward to many more years teaching in this inspirational school.

Dan Pomeroy

Having worked at Wilcombe since September 2011, previously doing 2 weeks of voluntary work on the Year 6 residential. I have progressed from an LSA to now becoming a teacher; I have worked across a number of year groups since. Prior to this, I had been to university, studying Sports Development.  In my time at Wilcombe, I have gained a lot of experience by working across the whole of the school as an LSA and HLTA. I held a number of other roles including being the PE Lead, a role which I believe is vital to the health and wellbeing of the children. I have moved on to become the Maths Lead, and I am excited to learn more about this role whilst developing my teaching now that I am based in KS1, being supported by a great team of people. Working at Wilcombe has been a great experience so far, the staff and children are extremely welcoming and working with this group of like-minded people is an incredibly rewarding part of the job. 

Kelly Scott

I have been working at Wilcombe since September 2007. During my time at the school I have qualified as a swimming teacher and gained HLTA status. My current role includes: lesson planning, supporting the class teacher, delivering interventions for Maths and English and covering PPA in upper key stage 2. In addition to this I am undertaking a foundation degree in teaching and learning. Wilcombe is like one big, loving family, watching the children grow and progress every day is not only a privilege but also the best feeling in the world.

Caleigh Battishill

I started working at Wilcombe Primary School in 2010, after gaining my teaching qualification. Most of my teaching experience has been in Key Stage 1, which I love. However, I am very excited to be working in Key Stage 2 this year. I am currently working in year 3 alongside Mr Wilson-Date and Mrs Milton.I am very lucky to be able to lead English and Read Write Inc across the school. I have a real passion for enabling children to read and introducing children to a variety of stories.I have always enjoyed working at Wilcombe. The children and families here are fantastic. There is a warmth and friendliness that greets you each day. Wilcombe is a great school! 

Olivia Rowe

Mrs Nikki Sampson.

My journey at Wilcombe started in 2016 as a 1:1 Learning Support Assistant, having previously worked in Secondary education. I decided to make the move from LSA to teacher and now, after being in Year 3 for 2 years I am teaching Year 5, supported by Mrs Gibbings, Mrs Ledger and Mrs Elliot.  I am very passionate about education and supporting our children to fulfil their potential. It is a privilege to watch the children at Wilcombe achieve in so many areas of their learning. I am very fortunate to work in such an inspirational school, alongside a great team.

Sian Goodwin (Currently on Leave)

In 2014, I attended Plymouth University to study a 3 year BEd Primary school teaching degree with a specialism in Physical Education. I embarked on my teaching career in 2017 and I have been at Wilcombe since 2019. I am passionate about supporting children to succeed and reach their potential. I have a love of Physical Education and recognise the benefits and opportunities P.E can offer to children. I also enjoy teaching Science. This year, I am teaching Year 3 alongside Miss Battishill, Mr W-D and Miss Milton. I am looking forward to another year at Wilcombe. 

Our Learning Support Assistants….

Claire Dyer

I started at Wilcombe as a parent volunteer in the foundation unit in 2013. I progressed on to became a full time employed member of the team in 2019. I am currently working in the foundation unit both as a LSA and as a 1:1. I really do love every aspect of my job,  working daily with amazing children and staff and the best bit is being able to watch the children grow and accomplish so much whilst at Wilcombe.

Corrina Aitchison

I have been working at wilcombe since September 2015 after volunteering in the foundation unit while studying for my NVQ level 3 in early years.During this time I have worked across Key stage 1 supporting and teaching RWI as well as speech and language interventions . I’m currently working in the foundation unit and enjoy all aspects of my job working alongside a very friendly supportive team. Wilcombe is one big happy family and we all go that extra mile to provide the best possible learning environment for all the children to grow, develop and achieve.

Fiona Pook

Like so many others, I began my journey as an LSA back in 2006 in another Trust school , firstly as a parent volunteer, then gaining my HLTA status and remaining there until 2018 . 
During this time, I worked predominantly in  year 6 alongside Mr Gilbert, supporting the children on an individual basis, 1:1 basis, small groups and the whole class. It felt a privilege to support and watch those children prepare to take the next step in their education.
In early 2019 , I began volunteering at Wilcombe, supporting the children with their reading and , realising how much I missed being part of the learning environment, was fortunate and lucky enough to be taken on as an LSA in the foundation unit in September 2020.  So now I find myself at the very beginning of a child’s learning journey , and in the short time I have been in this position, I can only marvel at how the children have blossomed and grown in their learning and confidence.
Wilcombe is an amazing and unique school – it’s a Family. The staff are all completely committed to providing the best start a child can have , enabling them to flourish and achieve their goals as they progress throughout the school. The staff are also completely supportive of each other, a quality that is very important in an environment such as this , and I feel very proud to be part of this team and school.

Mrs Katie Quick

Outdoor Education Lead

I have been working at Wilcombe Primary School since 2016 as a learning support assistant, in this time I worked across both key stages and reintroduced access to outdoor education. My present role includes: Covering PPA for key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 and supporting our teachers in the key stage 1 team throughout the week as an LSA. I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team who have inspired me to further my own education and in 2020 I completed a BA in Professional Practice in Education. As my passion is the outdoors I continue my studies, training as a Forest School Leader and completing CPD to support this role. It is an honour to play a part in shaping the minds of our children and I look forward too many more years of watching them prosper.

Kelly Scott

I have worked at Wilcombe since September 2007. During this time I have qualified as a swimming teacher, gained HLTA status and achieved a degree in education. I have been fortunate to work within every year group throughout the years both supporting the teacher and covering classes. Currently, I support the children and teacher in year 2 four days a week. The children and staff at Wilcombe are amazing and make coming to work so enjoyable and rewarding. I feel so privileged to be part of such a fantastic team.  

Debs Milton

I joined the team at Wilcombe Primary school in September of 2011. Over the years, I have been fortunate to of worked across all the different year groups, carrying out interventions and supporting the children and teachers throughout the day. I love my job at Wilcombe. It is an absolute privilege to watch the children grow and flourish and become confident, independent, thoughtful and polite beings .After nearly 40 years in the childcare industry, it is still a wonderful feeling to work along side such a dedicated, caring team.  

Angela Wilson-Date

Mandy Gibbings

Mrs Amanda Elliott

I started working at Wilcombe in early 2013. I have worked in most Key stages. I’m currently working in year 5, delivering small group work.  I am NVQ Teaching Assistant Level 2 & 3 qualified.    I have a special interest in Autism, Dyslexia and Speech and Language. I enjoy teaching RWI and promoting a love of reading to our pupils.  Wilcombe is a nurturing environment, everyday is different! It’s a privilege to work here and be a part of the children’s lives.

Mrs Zoe Ledger

I have been at Wilcombe since 2016. I began with Year 6 as a 1:1 and have since worked mainly in KS2, including a year working in the SEN unit, teaching small groups.  The job is very varied, but my special focus is helping those children who struggle the most in class.   I also enjoy taking part in residential trips, where the children face new experiences, and learn about life in different ways. I love being a part of the Wilcombe family, and working with the fantastic children.