Learning Support Assistants

Our Learning Support Assistants are vital in our work at Wilcombe supporting both children and teachers in the classroom and providing play leader support at lunchtimes.

Mrs Kelly Triggs – Higher Level Teaching Assistant Nursery Teacher

I volunteered in the Foundation Unit before getting a job at Wilcombe in 2011. During my 7 years here I have had various job roles including mealtime assistant, learning support assistant in Foundation Unit and across KS1, working one to one with pupils and supporting in nurture. I have been Leading Nursery as an HLTA for the last two and a half years.

My passion lies in Early Years as it is so rewarding watching the children flourish and become confident independent learners. This isn’t just a job for me it is an opportunity to make a real difference to a child’s life. During my time at Wilcombe I have has many opportunities to develop professionally. I gained my level 3 diploma in early years and have been involved in many training sessions including speech and Language, Fun Fit, Real PE and RWI .

I am also treasurer of our PTFA and enjoy to organise various events to raise money for the school.  I Love being part of the Wilcombe family as everyone is so supportive and dedicated.

Mrs Mandy Endicott – Nurture Practitioner, Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Safeguarding Deputy Lead

I have been working at Wilcombe for the past 2 years as Nurture Lead as well as being a safeguarding officer within the safeguarding team and a licenced Thrive practitioner. My role is to deliver interventions for children that may experience social, emotional and developmental needs to build resilience and prepare children to be equipped and willing to learn in the classroom. My door is open for children to access a safe space during break and lunch and I feel privileged that the children feel able to come and talk to me regarding any problems they may be having and hopefully together we are able to work out a solution. I am glad to be part of a very warm and hardworking team at Wilcombe.


Mrs Rachael Bennett – Learning Support Assistant

I joined the Wilcombe team as a parent volunteer in 2007. Firstly, supporting year 2. I then progressed to full-time employment supporting in year 1 and in the foundation unit where I am currently. Whilst working in the foundation unit I have been able to gain my level 3 diploma in early years to further support the children. I really love my job at Wilcombe. The children are amazing and the staff are like one big happy supportive family. I find it so rewarding to see how the children develop and grow throughout their time at Wilcombe.

Mrs Corrina Aitchison – Learning Support Assistant

I joined Wilcombe in September 2015 volunteering in the foundation unit while studying for my NVQ level 3 in early years. I am currently working in year 2 alongside Mrs Deborah Miller and love all aspects of my role and enjoy being part of a very welcoming supportive team. Wilcombe is like one big happy family and we all go that extra mile to provide the best possible learning environment for all our children to grow, flourish and achieve.

Mrs Katie Quick – Learning Support Assistant & Outdoor Education Lead

I have been working at Wilcombe Primary School for over two and a half years as a learning support assistant in both key stage 1 and lower key stage 2. My present role includes: Covering PPA for key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 and supporting our teachers in different classes throughout the week as an LSA.  I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team who have inspired me to further my own education. Alongside my role at the school, I am also a full-time university student, studying a teaching and learning degree.  It is an honour to play a part in shaping the minds of our children and I look forward too many more years of watching them prosper.

Mrs Debbie Milton – Learning Support Assistant

This is my 12th year working at Wilcombe Primary School. Over the years, I have had the pleasure working across all the different year groups. This year I am in Team Avon (year 4) with the wonderful Miss Battishill! . I love my job at Wilcombe !It is such an amazing family orientated school to be a part of! I also enjoy hosting after school clubs- Bingo is a firm favourite with the children!  It is an absolute privilege to watch the children grow and flourish and become confident, independent, thoughtful caring beings.

Mrs Angela Wilson-Date – Learning Support Assistant / PPA Cover

After, joining Wilcombe in September 2005, I can celebrate eighteen years within the ‘Wilcombe Family’. Previous to that I worked for four years in a London Junior school and moved to Devon.  The Wilcombe children showed me their ability to challenge, show affection and stimulate me on a daily basis. A special ‘experience’. At Wilcombe I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all year groups from foundation to year 6. This year I am following on into year 4 with the children that I worked with last year.  So far, I have already enjoyed a variety of tasks with the foundation team and the year 3 class.  Continuing to drive the minibus for outings and residentials keeps me busy, along with being a swimming teacher. With one of my colleagues I organise singing within the school.  I am passionate about many subjects and particularly enjoy reading which gives me a library school focus! I  have a selection of hobbies; drama as I am part of a village acting group, singing, playing badminton (twice weekly) this impacts my desire for p.e lessons.  My  main interest which has apparently inspired  the children is the fact that I am a beekeeper with five beehives in my home garden.


Mrs Charlie Hann- Learning Support Assistant

I have been working at Wilcombe for 4 years. After volunteering in the foundation unit, I soon applied for a job as an LSA working in the nurture unit, and since then have been supporting in various classes from Nursery to year 6, mainly working 1-1 with children. I love my job and feel incredibly lucky to work with not only brilliant children but also a team that has been extremely supportive, I’ve learnt so much already and hope to learn much more.

Mrs Mandy Gibbings- Learning Support Assistant & Read Write Inc Support

 I am currently working in year 5 with Miss Rowe, am coming up to my 10th year here at Wilcombe, it’s like a huge friendly family here. I work closely with Miss Battishill and the phonics side of the curriculum both delivering and assessing in it , I have worked in quite a few other schools before. Wilcombe is unique there is no place like it , the staff all pull together and make an amazing team.

Mrs Amanda Elliot – Learning Support Assistant

I have been working at Wilcombe for nearly 5 years.  I have mainly worked in key stage 1 as a learning support assistant.  At present I’m working in the Foundation Unit with our fabulous reception children.  I love working at Wilcombe, every day is different! You never know what’s going to happen. It’s a privilege to be a part of the children’s lives and watch them grow.

Miss Jess Flack- Learning Support Assistant

I started at Wilcombe in September and have been working in the Foundation Unit and Year 5. I am currently studying the Level 3 Teaching Assistant apprenticeship as well as Level 3 Primary Education. With this being my first full time job, it has been lovely to work with such supportive people. I am also a qualified swimming teacher and lifeguard and am really looking forward to teaching the children swimming!


Mrs Leigh King – Learning Support Assistant

I have been working here at Wilcombe since September 2021 and thoroughly enjoy being part of the Wilcombe family.  I love my day, supporting our Otter children to be the absolute stars that we know they are, in such an inclusive school. I have worked in care and education for over 17 years, and I am very passionate about helping all children to reach their full potential.

Mrs Becks Main – Learning Support Assistant

I have been working at Wilcombe since early 2015 and it is a huge part of my life. My journey at Wilcombe started with the Nursery Plus team based within the school, working within early years and supporting SEN children across Mid Devon settings. In September 2021, I then joined the “Otter” class team within the school; where my main role is to work with children in key stage 1 who require extra support to manage their day. There is something really special about being part of the Wilcombe family. Outside of work – I love being mum, being active and being outside!

Miss Gemma Annetts – Learning Support Assistant

I started my journey at Wilcombe by volunteering in the foundation unit in September 2021. At that time, I was studying Level 2 supporting Teaching and Learning and Level 2 Neuroscience in early years, it was there that I learnt that Wilcombe was the school that I wanted to become a part of. From September 2022 I joined the “Otter” team, working full-time as an LSA, supporting children in key stage 1 that need a little extra 1:1 support, to reach their individual full potential.
I am now studying Level 3 Diploma for children and young people’s workforce. My job is amazing, and I am very lucky to be working with such a supportive team and fantastic children.

Miss Yazmin Cherry – Learning Support Assistant

I have been working at Wilcombe since the beginning of 2023. I am currently working in the Early Years Unit which has been the most rewarding and incredible environment to be in. Being able to do 1:1’s with the children is such a huge pleasure as I can watch them grow into polite and knowledgeable young people. The help I have received from my colleagues is also incredible as I have so much support. The school is like one big family, with all the help they have given me I have been able to accomplish many different skills with ease. It’s a passion helping the younger ones learn but I also absolutely love making their playtimes enjoyable and fun. Like a big sister I take part in games, hobbies, conversations that each child has and make each one laugh and smile in their own little way. As much as they will learn from me, I feel I have learnt a lot from each of them too, this helps me to keep working hard and have fun within my role.

Mrs Emily Burd – Learning Support Assistant

Wilcombe has been part of my life for several years, beginning when my first child joined 2018. Before joining Wilcombe as an LSA, I worked as a qualified Nursery Nurse and then as a Qualified Lecturer at College. I taught Childcare & Health & Social Care, as well as overseeing and assessing students in their work placements. Being part of educational settings has always been a passion of mine, so after spending some time away after having my children, I made the decision to come back to it. 

I began supporting in the Year 6 class, once a week (which I thoroughly enjoyed). This quickly progressed to an LSA role for four days a week, in Year 6 and occasionally other years when and if needed. Wilcombe has a brilliant supportive team of people and I absolutely love working within the school, being able to support children, developmentally and emotionally. I believe to be one of those lucky people who genuinely loves their job.  

Mrs Claire Dyer – Learning Support Assistant

I started at Wilcombe as a parent volunteer in the foundation unit in 2013. I progressed on to became a full time employed member of the Wilcombe team in 2019. I am currently working in the foundation unit and the new moles class as a Learning Support Assistant. I really do love every aspect of my job,  working daily with amazing children and staff and the best bit is being able to watch the children grow and accomplish so much whilst at Wilcombe.

Jodie Bailey – Learning Support Assistant

My journey with Wilcombe started sometime around 2016/17. I had always known that I wanted to work with children. When my youngest child started at Wilcombe, I saw this as my opportunity to volunteer within the school. I delved into many roles within this time, ranging from school trips to working 1:1 with children that needed a little extra support. This led me to apply for level 2 teaching and learning support in schools and then level 3.

Whilst doing my level 3, I had worked part time within Wilcombe, helping cover lunch and then on to two days a week within the Otter classroom.  A full-time position become available, so I knew I had to apply. 

I am now working within the Otter class as an LSA. I am passionate about helping children overcome their barriers, to help them to reach their best individual potential. 

Jess Lake – Learning Support Assistant

After having two children and one just starting school in 2022, I decided that I needed to part of children’s education. I have always had a passion working with children and primary education. So working here at Wilcombe is a great place for me. To watch the children grow and to help them overcome any challenges is truly rewarding for me and I absolutely love working as part of the Wilcombe family. Aside work, I love my family, camping and being outside as much as possible!