Avon Class 2019-2020

Hello again Year 4… just a quick update on Google Classrooms!

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Hello Avon Class!

Friday 20th March 2020

Hello Avon Class, Mr Pomeroy here… You have all received your Home Learning Book along with a pack of activities for you to carry out at home. I have given you a number of activities that you can do. However, I would like you to use your knowledge organiser as a starting place for your weekly tasks. As well as using Times Table Rockstars, you could write out your times tables from memory, create a recipe for a dish or create flags for the canal barges we have been learning about. If you are feeling brave, you could make a boat and see if it floats in the kitchen sink. There are many more to choose from!

Exploring Egypt

For our Geography, we have been trying to make links with our Ancient Egyptian topic.  Firstly, we explored maps to find out where the UK is located before looking further afield at where Egypt is.  Also, we looked at the different climate regions using world maps.  In small groups, we also researched and presented information to the rest of the class about the UK and Egypt.

Team Avon Trombones

Every Wednesday for 10 weeks, Avon Class have been lucky enough to be taught how to play trombone by a music specialist from Tiverton High School.  Some of the skills that we are learning will help us to read music and follow a conductor as well as playing an instrument. At the end of the 10 weeks, we performed in front of our parents at Sunnginmead Community Centre.

Food for Thought

In PSHE, we have been learning about “Emotions and Feelings”.  We have looked at some of the feelings that are linked to jealousy.  During the lessons, we have had lots of discussions about how it feels to be jealous.  In groups, we looked at different scenarios and how we would support someone who feels jealous.

Also in PSHE, we have been learning about “Staying Healthy”. It has been interesting to look into the different food groups, discuss what a healthy balanced diet looks like and also to research how much sugar is in some of our “Friday snack time” treats. The display board shows some of our treats and how much sugar is in them.

Week of Inspiration Maths

During our Inspirational Maths Week, we have been working on our mindset towards Maths.  We now understand that EVERYONE can do Maths.  Some of the activities involved solving problems practically whilst collaborating with each other; we also had to use our “noticing” BLP.