Otter Class 2022/2023

Bucket Time 

In Otter class we use bucket time to help the children give focussed attention to an activity. There are 4 stages to this intervention, bucket time is stage 1. 

It is an adult led activity that begins with a song…. 

‘I’ve got something in my bucket, in my bucket, in my bucket. I’ve got something in my bucket, what could it be?’ 

The bucket is filled with visually engaging objects and toys, aiming to gain the shared attention of the group. The adult leader shows each item to the group and uses simple repetitive vocabulary to comment on the various objects.

Welcome to our Otter class page!

Over the last term, Otters have made so much progress! We are very proud of each and every one of you!

During the Autumn term, we visited the Donkey Sanctuary. The children really enjoyed travelling in the school minibus and had a lovely time familiarising themselves with the donkeys. We were able to say hello, stroke and brush the donkeys. We also spent some time learning about how they are looked after and where they sleep, play and eat. We will continue to visit the Donkey Sanctuary during the summer term when the weather is a bit nicer.