Tamar (Year 6) 2022/23

Year 6 enjoyed a great day at Blundell’s School, it was filled with lots of learning – Science, hockey and a great lunch! When we arrived, we visited the school chapel, where we spoke about how each school focuses on Remembrance before a tour of the library and then on to Chemistry.

The Chemistry Department had laid on two great activities. One got the pupils to vary the concentration of acid and time how it affects the rate of reaction and the other saw the Year 6’s investigate different indicators and make an indicator from red cabbage. They loved using all the various glassware from test tubes and beakers to burettes and making a wonderful range of colours as they carried out the indicator investigation.

Lunch was once again a highlight for many, especially as Thursday is ‘roast lunch day’! During a visit to Gorton House (a year 9 to 12 girls boarding house) after lunch they played table football, various board games and some let of some steam, dancing energetically with Wii Dance.

Moving to the Astro pitches they had an hour of hockey led by the Year 10 Sports Leaders who put them through their paces with a range of skill sessions. After a doughnut, a final chat and another round of enthusiastic questions it was time to head back to Wilcombe.

The Year 6’s were fantastic throughout the day, making the most of every opportunity.

Have a look at the PowerPoint to see all the work Year 6 have created throughout our World War topic.

Tamar (Year 6) 2020/ 2021

To our 2021 Year 6 Leavers, we will miss you all and wish you the very best for the next stage of your School Journey ! Please see your video here

Please enjoy our KS2 Christingle Video….

Our Year 6 Harvest Celebration Video ! Please enjoy…?



A little farewell from Wilcombe to all of our leavers ….


Thursday 16th April 2020

Hello Tamar!

Well done with all you have achieved on Google Classrooms – it has been lovely to see you accessing the range of tasks for the week. Next week, your home learning will be uploaded on a daily basis. Each night at 7pm your learning for the following day will appear in Google Classrooms. It will need to be handed in by 3 pm so it can be marked online that day. Don’t forget to press the ‘turn in’ button!

I hope you are all well. Have fun!

Monday 6th April

Hello Tamar!

Just a little update about the learning for next week. On Friday 10th April on Google Classroom , you will find that the whole class will receive a learning update. This will let you know which English, Maths and topic tasks are available for the week ahead. A deadline date of 17th April has also been added which is when you will automatically receive the next week’s tasks.

Some of the tasks have different sections to them which allows you to build up the learning each day, almost like a mini project. Others require you to practise your skills as in the Maths tasks.

I hope you have fun completing these – upload your learning to Google Classrooms and I can have a look too!

Tuesday 24th March

Well done if you have signed into Google Classrooms and have uploaded some learning – the zig-zag book of definitions I have received looks amazing! Please keep an eye out on this page as your tasks for the following week will be posted here as well as on the Google Classroom page. You can upload learning for me to look at and provide you with a comment and you can even have a chat with the class! Stay safe everyone.

Friday 20th March 2020

Hello Year 6 – Mrs Brimson again!

Just to let you know that in order to access Google Classrooms you will need to add just @ventrus.co NOT co.uk

Hope this helps!

Thursday 19th March 2020

Hello Year 6 team!

As you have received your new work books today I thought I would post you a message. In order to help you to start learning in a different way next week, please use your knowledge organisers to begin some of your weekly tasks. You could write out your times tables tables from memory, create a new meal or research the flags from Central and South America. You could even be brave and create a narrative poem about the rainforest which we have begun in class. Have a look – there is lots to choose from!

Topic 2 – February to July 2020

The Aztecs and chocolate!

Our second topic this year focuses on the Aztecs and how important the cocoa bean was in the Aztec civilisation. In order to give our learning purpose, our class is going to imagine that they are locating a new chocolate factory in either Central or South America. Each area of our curriculum will contribute to this, so that by the end of the summer term, we will have a factory, complete with visitor area and restaurant!! 

Below is how we are going to achieve this through certain areas of the curriculum:

Geography: Explore the physical and human geography of Central and South America in order to write a letter to the CEO of our company to suggest possible locations.

History: Research who the Aztecs were, how they lived their lives and how they grew cocoa beans. We will investigate the impact of Hernan Cortes and how he conquered the Aztecs.  We will create a tourist information brochure to hang in the reception area of our new factory.

Music: Play the Gamelan, an Indonesian set of instruments, to create our own chocolate advert complete with music and song!

Art: Design and make our own Aztec shields to decorate the chocolate factory.

Design and Technology: Compare different foods in South America, create our own food dishes and design menus for the factory restaurant. A lot of food tasting will be needed!

French: Invite different people to apply for jobs at our factory; as we have been learning French this year, we will write application forms in French so we can write in a different language.

To help the year 6s with their research, they have all received an Aztec knowledge organiser which has been uploaded below.  This also includes ideas for home learning too!

Watch this space for how our classroom displays develop as our learning grows this term!

Please click here for the knowledge organiser worksheet

Topic 1 – Year 6 and the Ancient Greeks!

Welcome to year 6!  Please read on to find out about our classroom and some of the learning that takes place throughout the term.

This is our reading corner; we wrote about which books inspire us and what our favourite books are.  We used this to decorate our reading corner and during the course of the Autumn term we have added our reading about Ancient Greek myths.

PSHE is really important to us as a team; we have learnt about our strengths and areas for development and how we can help one another when we become ‘stuck’ or are unable to find our own solutions.  We linked our PSHE display to the Ancient Greeks and used Pegasus to represent creativity in problem solving!

We wrote our own ideas on each of the templates on the display so we could refer to them during the course of the term.

This year our year 6 cross-curriculum focus area has been about the Ancient Greeks.  We started our research by becoming archaeologists and finding out how to unearth fragments of pottery from an archaeological dig!  We used this knowledge to piece together the fragments of pottery that we had found and to study the patterns that had been designed on each pot.

Using our discoveries, we then drew our own designs and used tissue paper to collage our pieces together. We then cut each of our designs up to blend with one another’s on our whole class Greek urn!  We also explored how to use clay and create our own bowls with patterns on.

In order to understand life in Ancient Greece we have needed to locate the country of Greece and compare it to Great Britain.  We have used our map skills to locate places within the northern and southern hemispheres and have been helping a fictitious character called Mr Weatherby to decide whether he should move to Devon or Greece from Newcastle!  We have learnt about the population numbers in each place and have studied the climates of each country; this helped us to write a leaflet to support Mr Weatherby’s decision.

Have a look at some of our homework examples!  Can you see the masks that we made at home?  We have done a lot of reading about the Ancient Greek gods and have read numerous myths about each one – our masks represent this.  The Greek Parthenon was also made at home out of cotton reels and cardboard; someone also made a Parthenon out of Lego!

Class of 2018/2019 below….

PE in Year 6

This half term, we are focusing on Gymnastics as part of our PE. So far we have learnt to use our bodies to create different shapes, some of the shapes that we have created are star, straight, tuck, straddle and pike. As we progress through the unit of work, we will begin to create sequences of shapes, introducing the different apparatus that we have at our disposal.

Here is some of our work so far: