Thames (Year 5) 2021/2022

Autumn 2022

Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the year and have been wonderful in making their new teacher feel welcome!

As a way of getting to know each other we wrote a collaborative Kenning poem, can you guess which line belongs to which child?

In our Year 5 class we have…

A crochet maker, a turtle adorer and pasta consumer.
A tiger lover, a beauty holder and a family adorer.
A chicken nugget eater, a game player and a tortoise lover.
A football adorer, a shot saver and a Liverpool celebrator.
A pig feeder, a hay bailer and a sheep feeder.
A videogame lover, a snake holder and a goal defender.
A videogame lover, a YouTube watcher and a football striker.
A cat stroker, a minecraft gamer and a chocolate muncher.
A game lover, a dark chocolate consumer and a dog adorer.
A rounders player, a book collector and an animal adorer.
A doll maker, a puppy carer and a water swimmer.
A cat cuddler, a strawberry lover and a sweet devourer.

A guinea-pig stroker, an art adorer and a pancake devourer.
A bunny adorer, a dog cuddler and a cat lover.
A football player, a maths master and a game master.
A goal scorer, a dog lover and a cake adorer.
A bear lover, a huggle-monster adorer and a game master.
A technology keeper, a team player and a people lover.
A sports adorer, a goal shooter and a dog lover.
A murder mystery player, a Tik Tok filmer and an art drawer.
A laughing master, a joke maker and a cat cuddler.
A stationary collector, a snake adorer and a duck lover.
A penguin collector, a sun worshipper and a Netflix watcher.
An ice-cream licker, a glitter flicker and a dog walker.
A YouTube star, a dog adorer and a Sweden lover.

We also created a collaborative pair of wings that the children can stand in front of!


In English we have been reading Street Child, using the book to write a variety of different texts including diary entries and free verse poetry which they have beautifully illustrated with chalk drawings.

Year 5 have been exploring the different characters in the book (including Snipe the dog!) and using this to do role play and freeze frame!


As Street Child is set in Victorian London, it has given us a better understanding of the period of history we’ve been studying which is the Industrial Revolution. Year 5 have studied inventors and inventions across the two main and put these into a timeline which has helped them understand the significance of this period of history and the impact it had on industries and life globally.

As well as recreating fun games that Victorians used to play, like the thaumatropes!


Year 5 have also been using their creativity to create their own versions of Henri Matisse’s ‘cut outs’ and ‘painted with scissors’.

Inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and the wonder of harvest, they also created self portraits where all the features are made up of different fruits and vegetables.


In Science, we have had great fun experimenting with forces, including magnetic forces, levers and pulleys. Most recently we have been looking at the properties of materials and designing mug warmers!


In R.E. Year 5 have been considering the question ‘What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?’. They have created and illustrated their own covers of a religious books they would want to read and believe would help answer big questions they have about the world and religion. They have drawn studies of Exeter Cathedral, a Christian place of worship, and taken a virtual tour inside! Later in the term they have considered whether creation and science are conflicting or complementary while looking at the bible story of Genesis I, the big bang theory, evolution and fossils!


We have closed the term with lots of Christmas fun and look forward to the Spring term will bring!




Please enjoy our KS2 Christingle video…

Our Year 5 Harvest Celebration Video ! Please enjoy…?



May Half Term

As it is half term from Monday, there will be no work set for the week.

Instead, enjoy the sunshine, read some books, play with your forgotten toys and spend time together doing nothing in particular.

If you do need some inspiration for things to do I have attached some documents with some outdoor activity ideas, a life experiences menu and some STEM challenges. There is no expectation for you to upload anything, however, if you would like to share what you have been doing, I would love to see 🙂

Hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Keep smiling you awesome bunch!

Happy half term


Miss Battishill 🙂

5th May Life Experiences Menu

Here are a selection of life experiences that you may wish to try alongside the work that you are doing on Google Classrooms. Maybe you could create your own Life Experience Menu with you family. What would you include on yours?

Stay safe and well. Keep smiling and being awesome!

27th April Google Classrooms

I have been so impressed with all of the hard work and engagement with using Google Classrooms these last couple of weeks. Here is a selection of your work in History, Art, PE, PSHE, Music, English and Maths.

Thank you to all of the parents for your amazing support.

Keep up the good work Thames class!

Home learning tasks week beginning 13th April 2020

Hi Year 5

Hope you’re getting ready for a splendid Easter with your family. Next week’s home learning tasks have been added to Google Classrooms and will appear on Monday morning. Remember to try to do what you can and be kind to yourself. I have set a deadline of Friday 17th and would love to see how you have been getting on. Thank you to those of you that have been sharing their learning and activities, it’s been great to see.

All the very best, Miss Battishill

Easter Holidays Week 2

Hi Year 5, hope you are all well and are enjoying spending time with your family. Below, I have attached another list of suggested Easter activities. Good luck!

Remember to keep your body and mind healthy by exercising every day. Joe Wicks, Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga are all available on YouTube.

See you all soon 🙂

Miss Battishill

Easter Holidays

Hi Year 5 children and parents, I hope you have had a lovely first week and have managed to complete some tasks from your knowledge organisers. Did you know that you can upload photos or documents to show me on Google Classrooms? It would be great to see what you have been doing.

After the Easter holidays, I will be setting 5 x English, 5 x maths and 5 x topic activities. But for the Easter Holidays, I thought I would give you some suggested activities that you may wish to do with your family. I will be trying many of these with my 3 children, aged 7, 4 and 10 months! Wish me luck!

Most of all guys stay safe, keep active, make memories and smile. We will get through this.

Have a fantastic Easter.

Miss you all.

Speak soon, Miss Battishill

Google Classroom

Good morning. I have set up a Year 5 classroom on Google Classroom. I have added you all as pupils; hopefully you receive an invite. I understand that you were given your logins at school on Friday. Your username should be (eg; The code for the classroom is flvoqfg.

Cross Curricular Knowledge Organisers

For the following week, you have been given your Tudor knowledge organisers with suggested tasks on. There is a link below.

To help keep active, The Body Coach will be streaming live PE lessons every morning at 9am. My own children and I will be joining in with these!

Here is a link to his YouTube channel;

Wishing you all a super Saturday 🙂

A hello from Miss Battishill

Hi Year 5, I hope you are all really well. I was so looking forward to returning from maternity leave to work with you. Doing it virtually is new to us all! Stay safe and keep active. From Miss Battishill

Class of 2018/2019 below….

What a busy Spring term we’ve all had! The children have done some really exciting things, including our residential in London, lots of sporting activities and began our new topic – Infinity and Beyond!






The children will be practising their spellings this week.

For Maths, it would be really positive to see children measuring different objects around the house, converting them between metres, centimetres and millimetres.

Our New Topic!

We have started our new topic recently and are all really enjoying it! So far, we have learned about the solar system, the planets, day and night and Neil Armstrong (ask us, we’ll tell you!). The children have enjoyed creating their fact files on their chosen planet, keen to create a museum-esque display, similar to the one that we saw in London! Our next steps are to think more about the ethics of going into Space… thinking about how Neil Armstrong would have felt going to space, and whether or not it is ethically feasible to send animals to space.