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What is Nursery Plus?

Nursery Plus is a Devon educational outreach service which supports early years settings to meet the needs of children identified with additional or Special Educational Needs. Nursery Plus is part of the continuum of SEND provision in Devon and promotes the inclusion of all children and the expectation that all children will achieve their potential. There are 12 Nursery Plus teams across Devon with each team attached to a base primary school. The Nursery Plus team at Wilcombe Primary School works within our own Foundation Unit but also outreach, covering the areas of Tiverton, Crediton, part Culm Valley and part Chumleigh.

Our Staff….

Mrs Corinna Travers – Nursery Plus Teacher and Team Lead

I started at Wilcombe as an Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher in October 2008 before taking on the role of Nursery Plus teacher 18 months later where I now lead a team of two lovely and dedicated staff. My main focus is on special educational or additional needs and offering support to settings and children to help them thrive, access education and to make good progress. Every day is different as I see a variety of children with a variety of needs in a variety of settings. I love this. Some of the children I meet have transient needs while others may have ongoing disorders. I feel privileged to be part of each child’s very individual journey. I have had extensive additional (and ever ongoing) training beyond my initial teacher training; this includes a.o. training on Foetal Alcohols Spectrum Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Speech and Language Difficulties and Social Emotional Mental Health Needs. I have been a licensed Thrive Practitioner since 2013 and I am currently training to become a Visual Interaction Guidance (VIG) practitioner. I am lucky to be part of both – the fabulous Wilcombe family and the Nursery Plus team.

Mrs Suzie Short-  Nursery Plus Senior Practitioner

I have been working at Wilcombe Primary School since January 2019 and I am part of the Mid Devon Nursery Plus Team. I sometimes work in the Foundation Unit at the school and do outreach work to a variety of settings across Mid Devon. I provide support and advice for children with additional and special educational needs. My experiences include teaching within Key stage 1 and the Early Years, and working as a Pre-School Leader in the Devon area. I have specialist training in ASD and I am a licensed Thrive practitioner. I love working with children in Early Years settings as it is always so interesting and I learn so much from them. I can usually be seen popping in and out of the school. I enjoy the variety of this role as no two days are the same.

Mrs Emily Irwin – Nursery Plus Senior Practitioner

I joined the Nursery Plus team in September 2021 and absolutely love being part of the Wilcombe family. I am an experienced primary school teacher with over ten years’ experience, having spent most of my career in the Early Years. I am able to use my existing SEND knowledge in my role as Senior Practitioner for Nursery Plus whilst I am continually extending my professional development in this varied and unique role. I have a real interest in early communication and language development as I know how important the preschool years are in laying the foundations for future learning. I have built good relationships with a range of settings, including Wilcombe’s own FSU and am supporting them with strategies and targets they can put in place to support individual children by removing any potential barriers to learning. I love that this role allows me to have a real, direct impact and to really make a difference to individual children with additional needs before starting Reception.

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