Spellings and Key Words

These high frequency (key) words have been identified as essential because they appear in written texts more than any others.  It is essential that children are able to:

1. Be able to read each set by sight.   We suggest that you concentrate on a column of 5 each week, to allow children to practice and be successful.  While a child is learning to read a word they should be encouraged to use their phonic skills and sound out the letters.  If a word is underlined, it is a “tricky” word because sounding out WILL NOT work, so children should not be encouraged to sound these words out; these tricky words just need to be learned by sight.  As a child becomes more confident with a word, they will not need to sound it out.

If you are not sure how we teach the children to blend sounds you might like to click on the links below:

Sound of the English Phonic Code – Synthetic Phonics

Alphablock A-Z of Letter Sounds

2. Be able to spell each set.  We suggest that once a child can read a  column of words confidently they are taught to spell them.