Mealtime staff

Kitchen Staff

528 Mrs Amanda Naylor
Kitchen Manager
381 Mrs Lorraine Kelly
Catering Assistant

 Mrs Carol Babb 

Catering Assistant


 Mrs Diane Parkhouse

Catering Assistant

Meal Time Assistants

493 Mrs Dot Saunders
My name is Dot Saunders and I work as a Meal Time Assistant and I have been at Wilcombe for 18 years.  My job is to help the children with their food and drink.  It gives me great joy work with them as they are very happy children. 
485 Mrs Janet Searle
I have worked at the school for 22 and a half years.  My position is MTA but in the past I have worked as an LSA.  I really enjoy working with the children and find that I worked with some of their parents when they were at school.
CS Miss Chloe Shute

I work as a Mealtime Assistant supporting our youngest children in the Nursery and Reception.